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The history of Valigeria Roncato S.p.A. begins well before its founding, when a young Giovanni Roncato learned the art of making luggage with his father, Antonio. The passion and speed with which he managed to learn the secrets of the trade helped him understand and anticipate the needs of future travellers. Based on this experience, he founded Valigeria Roncato Spa in 1973, in Campodarsego, and is still Chairman of the company today. Innovation and research have always characterised Valigeria Roncato S.p.a.; it was the first company to build an assembly line in Italy and went on to become the world’s largest briefcase manufacturer. Today, Valigeria Roncato Spa is an established ‘Made in Italy’ brand that offers consumers a variety of multipurpose products for all types of travel, setting the standard for technology, style, design and quality.

Valigeria Roncato S.p.A.

via Pioga, 91 35011 Campodarsego (PD)

en +39 049/9290555
Fax: +39 049/5566670


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